How the blog came to be- My rediscovery

Let me tell you a story. A story of how this blog came to be. And for that let us go back to know how I saw a movie that would change my whole life.You can Skip it if you don’t want to read it, but it is important for me and for the reason of starting this blog.

It was a fateful day in the winter of Delhi, the year 2012. I had my movie outing planned that day with my family (which includes my dad, my mom and my elder sister). We have this movie outing once a while. I used to watch a lot of Movies back then also. But then i was just a huge fan of horror movies, you name one and i had seen it.

Anyway, so we had seen this breathtakingly beautiful trailer of a movie called Life Of Pi and there was a guy stranded in a boat in the middle of pacific with a ‘BENGAL TIGER’. It was crazy, i never read anything else about the movie. I remember being at the theater and get knocked by the visual masterpiece that I had witnessed. But as the climax arrived, all the strings started to connect, the questions were getting resolved. Everyone was silent at the end. After the movie we went to a ‘vegetarian’ restaurant and then me and my sister had a talk with my father about the movie. I realized, i had not yet understood the full meaning of the movie.  It was well withing the reach though, so i grasped it with both hands and never let go.

So, Imagine this young mind have witnessed this beautiful life changing movie and have had a great discussion about it, so I would go on ahead and discuss it with someone else. So the story moves on to next scene…

I was sitting in my classroom and talking with two of my friends, I asked about the movie and they said that yes, they have watched it. So i asked them to tell me more about the movie. And they replied, i was astonished. Is it so hard to grasp it then? I thought. They had not understood what the director wanted to say.

Life of Pi made me realize what cinema has within it. It is not made for just entertainment, every movie director, every script writer has a vision and they are sharing it with us. On each step of movie making dreams are added, visions are incorporated. In the end a movie is a huge cloth of strings of Dreams stitched together to invoke something in the viewer. To invoke their own visions, their own dreams,  so that they connect it to their realities and understand the art.

“A Movie is a huge cloth of strings of Dreams stitched together”




Fast forward a year and a half, I have been writing short stories for a few months now. One of my story gets published in a literary magazine. But Something is missing. I asked myself, “Why do I write?” Then voila!;  in front of me in the television, I saw an advertisement of Life Of Pi. I remembered in a flash, I wanted to tell more people about the story of Pi, I wanted more people to understand the art behind it.

And so i said, “Let there be filmicsite” and there it was.

I bought the Novel, Life of Pi and started reading it.I got lost in the entanglements of the words. Somewhere in the deep pacific ocean with Richard Parker and his tiger, i found myself.” I will write about movies, even it is just for fun. I don’t care, if no one reads this or any other posts. I will get more people to know about the meaning behind Life of Pi. I know many already do, but for others, I will write, I will be myself and I will be happy.”

And now almost half a Year has passed with 42 posts accomplished and with more than 1300 Page views and almost 900 Visits to the blog, I am really glad i started the blog and i am really glad I witnessed Life Of Pi.

Filmicsite came to be because of life of Pi, and soon i will be posting the thing which the blog was made for.Because i promised someone that i will.  An explanation and analysis of Life of Pi, but this won’t be happening before one month, I have my exams coming up, Civil War is releasing first week of May and I lost my 5 Page notes on Novel, so I have to make them again.

Until then have a great day and great night, Whatever it is right now. And keep returning and rediscover yourself.

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