I Origins : Where Science and Faith Meet!


The Age long Debate of Science V/S Religion has been with us since the Man decided to think rationally, When we as a rational being started to question on things, finding out the reasons to everything around us. It was inevitable that someone, somewhere in this world would question Religion and it happened. And thus arose two faction of society, the believers and the atheists, while not going into the technicalities of Atheism, It is sometimes difficult for people to grasp a floating straw to stay at the top of this wast ocean of question and that piece of straw is always Faith, Faith is the only think which unites us and help in achieving anything in life. And mind you I am not talking about faith in God, i am saying that Faith in general is significant for survival.

Just like Dalai Lama said and is quoted in the movie

“If scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims.”

-Dalai Lama XIV, The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality

Well That was a heavy start for a review! Anyway lets get on. Ever since I started watching movies and looking at them at a deeper level, I was entranced by the Science and Religion, one of my all time favorite popular novel is Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons as it conveys the same question, I have been gravitated to the question and have debated about it at this blog too on my post of Understanding Shiki an anime, i am also working on an article which will be on a similar topic up on the blog. So lets start the review:

I Origins is the second feature film from the Director Mike Cahill after After Earth, the movie was released in Sundance Film festival with positive reviews in 2014 and was later released worldwide by Searchlight Pictures. While I might be saying that it received a worldwide release, the release was at limited countries and It was not released here in India, The Movie was released directly on Television, a few weeks ago and I watched it and was surprised by the movie.

The Movie stars Michael Pitt as a Molecular Biologist Ian who is researching on eyes and how eyes were evolved from just a patch of nerves to complex eyes that of a human, by finding and proving every eye throughout the path of evolution he wants to stop the debate of a powerful being who designs eyes. Brit Marling plays a rotating student lab assistant (Karen) who helps in finding that one specie of creatures who cannot see anything but have PAX gene responsible for vision. In a Halloween party Ian meets Sofi (played by french Astrid Breges Frisbee)  who is a believer and he captures her magical eyes in his camera. He tries to find her but is unable to find her for weeks, but one day when by a few ‘Miracles of 11’ he finds her through a billboard and thus follows a romantoc relationship between a soulful god believing Sofi and a Scientist Ian, until they are torn apart again, by an accident.

Michael Pitt and Astrid in the Movie

What this movie is successful in doing is have strong thematic material and make the viewer question his belief, it makes the viewer think, and ponder on the facts. There is good chemistry between Pitt and Marling. Sofi’s character looks very weak with  cliche ridden qualities of a accented in typical Hollywood ‘foreign women’. If her character would have been better crafted the shock appeal would have been more, but in the end as a viewer we don’t feel a lot for her. Another thing which bugged me was the point when a complete stranger, a foreigner took an Indian Girl from a market directly to his hotel and no one said anything about it. People in real life would have questioned him.

I Origins Went To Insane Lengths To Get Its Science Right
Brit Marling

While the movie is deemed as SciFi, the movie is filled with heavy Drama and a good romantic story (Far-Far better than twilight 😀 ). The movie had a lot of potential and it acts as a good cerebral Sci-Fi Drama (just Like Frequencies ) and had me gripped till the end. CAN SCIENCE AND FAITH WORK TOGETHER? That is the question I Origin is asking and in the end says that yeah it can.  While the story line is ambitious, I would love to watch the sequel which is under pre-production status. The end credit scene had me wanting more answers to questions. Look out for “I” in upcoming movies in next few years.

In the end he opened the gate wide and was not scared.

This Movie gets 8/10 Rating.

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